PIKE ~ LinuxBridges

OpenStack pike makes it's debut as the fifteenth major release of the OpenStack Opensource cloud computing platform delivered on 30th August 2017. Hopper~Stack was updated within three weeks!!

Hopper~Stack have produced 6 versions of the automation. The LinuxBridges and OVS options are simple builds with a single network, compute, block, controller and two object-stores with the different options available for Neutron software defined networking.

We have also added Cinder Backup capabilities - again, update the configuration in the 'variables' file and you have Cinder Backup added to your enterprise delivery courtesy of Hopper~Stack !

LinuxBridges Design

The following design depicts the simple linux bridges build

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Installation Guide

A simple guide on how to stand up the environment

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Installation Spreadsheet

Essential to building out the environment

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Software Repository

Due to a lack of subscriptions, Pike is being released on a case by case basis.

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