NEWTON ~ Open vSwitch

OpenStack Newton made is the fourteenth major release of the OpenStack Opensource cloud computing platform delivered on 6th October 2016. Hopper~Stack was updated with two days!!

Hopper~Stack have produced 4 versions of the automation. The LinuxBridges and OVS options are simple builds with a single network, compute, block, controller and two object-stores with the different options available for Neutron software defined networking.
The Enterprise build is based on the features and optional services and OpenVSwitch software defined networking. We have now included a VyOS into the design and made it easier to secure and route the traffic between OpenStack.
We have also added the DVR functionality - again, update the configuration in the 'variables' file and you have DVR added to your enterprise delivery courtesy of Hopper~Stack !

OVS Design

The following design depicts the simple Open vSwtich build

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Installation Guide

A simple guide on how to stand up the environment

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Installation Spreadsheet

Essential to building out the environment

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Video showing the creation of the complete simple multi-node OVS build

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The Github repository where our code resides

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